Hit and run charge in Loudon Virginia

In Virginia, an accident arises major issues. Hit and run is a serious criminal case. Hit and run also known as failure to report an accident.  The major reason for this serious accident are:

  1. a) Rushed driving
  2. b) Using drugs during driving
  3. c) Frequently using of mobile during driving

Most cases are not reported by the passenger or driver, If they charged at the same time by the help of passenger which they traveled the same vehicle, it will help to easily eliminate these cases.

Driver of Hit & Run with Attended Vehicle

Accounting for Virginia codes, if you hit any vehicle as the driver you must:

  1. Immediately stop as near to the scene as soon as possible without any traffic stoppage.
  2. Inform your name, address details, driver’s license number, and vehicle registration number immediately to the State Police.
  3. In accident case any person is injured immediately taking the injured person to the hospital, if it is sworn injuries appear should be provided proper medication.

 Virginia Hit and Run Charges

Both drivers and passengers have a responsibility according to Virginia law to make confirm that an accident was properly reported according to the rules and all pieces of information are clear. Any Failure to the report an accident by a driver or passenger can pay Virginia Hit and Run charges.

Virginia Hit and Run also involving property damages charges during accidents.  If he damage was less than they charged less.

If the damage was more than they charged more accordingly, and there punished with up to 12 months in jail, and they also pay a fine according to the law. Also suspended driver’s license 6 months.

Proof of Virginia Hit and Run Charge

A Virginia Hit and Run apply when a driver’s vehicle made physical contact with another vehicle, person, and caused property damage or injured or killed someone, or other objects damages and the driver failed to stop or provide his information.

Virginia Hit and Run Charges Resulting in Injury or Death

If the person has died as a result of a Hit and Run in Virginia, in this case, the punishment up to 10 years in prison, a fine up to certain amount and driver’s license dismiss for one year.

License Implications

If a driver or a passenger involve hit and run accident, resulting in property damage the court may suspend your driver’s license up to 6 months., if you are a driver or not the passenger of a vehicle in an accident causing injury or death to another and you failed to stop and disclose your identity in the case of the accident, the DMV will suspend your driver’s license for one year.If you’ve been charged with leaving the scene of accident or “hit and run”, and don’t make the common mistake of trying to go it without an experienced Virginia criminal defense attorney.  You need a knowledgeable Virginia attorney who will fight for your rights and overcome these situations.