DUI Loudoun Virginia first offense

DUI or DWI comes in one category that is driving under influence of some drug like alcohol. The person is charged with this category if the jury finds him travelling with 0.08% alcohol in the blood. For the commercial driver, a person is liable for this charge if he has 0.04% BAC in the body. The person whose age is less than 21 years than there is no tolerance limit even when a minute amount of alcohol is present in the blood. The law does not compromise on leaving such person driving in such condition. The federal laws are strict about this offense as unconsciousness due to consumption of alcohol may lead to serious accident.

The person being convicted on this offense, may not only go to jail or have to pay a fine but he may lose his job as well as reputation.

Penalties and charges on DUI first offense

The Loudoun Virginia laws are strict about this offense. The person who convicts this mistake is liable for the fine. The charge comes under class 1 misdemeanor. The fine ranges from $250 to $2500. The person also has to face one-year suspension of license. The punishment also varies from the amount of alcohol concentration present in the blood. If it is about 0.15% than you may have to face 5 days jail along with the fine. Try to avoid drinking before driving as it may not harm your repute but also prove to be fatal.

Hire the attorney to get help

If you face the issue of DUI first offense punishment than it is good to hire an attorney to get help. In Louden, Virginia SRIS group of law is an active agency that can assist you in this case. you can contact our lawyers and discuss about the case directly. The attorney will ask the question, will make a file on the baes of the evidence and your statement. He will prove that you will not do this offense in future again. The lawyer will help your dismissal of the charge.

On contacting SRIS group of law you will able to get a reduction in the charge. Our capable lawyers listen to your case, discuss all the incidence and background of offense. In this way, they make a file with strong statements. It is important to provide the solid proofs so that attorney can provide the jury such aspects.

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