Average cost of Divorce in Maryland

How much does a divorce cost in Maryland?

Once the dust of the decision to separate and continue the divorce has subsided, this is one of the first questions customers want to know how much their divorce will cost. According to a recent survey, the average divorce in Maryland is around $ 14,000, though that number may seem high. However, keep in mind that divorces across the country can range from hundreds to millions of dollars – that’s the right million.

The cost of your divorce consists of attorney fees, lawyer and employee time, court and paper fees, and the preparation of documents. There are several factors you can consider to better understand the cost of your divorce in Maryland.

What Affects Divorce Costs in Maryland?

Have children under 18. In Maryland, the only factor that increases divorce costs the most is the birth of underage children. The cost of a divorce that has custody or maintenance problems is on average about twice the cost of a divorce without affected children.

One way to avoid child-related divorce costs is to reach an agreement before the trial. If all custody and maintenance issues are agreed prior to the divorce proceedings, the time your lawyer and judge will spend on you will be significantly reduced.

Maryland Property Division Divorce in Maryland, where property must be shared, costs more on average, especially when it comes to wealthy marriages, and couples who have to be brought to justice for these problems instead of being settled out of court. Since real estate is time-consuming to divide and it is necessary to search through a variety of documents, the time it takes to get a divorce and the total costs increase.

Also, many couples don’t consider the enormous amount of property that needs to be split up before an attorney is found. There are retirement accounts, bank accounts, cars, real estate and much more that need to be taken into account, not to mention the extra time when consultants or tax experts need to be consulted.

Maintenance disputes, even if there are no children involved in your divorce in Maryland, there may still be maintenance that must be paid to a spouse. Spouses often disagree on how much the inactive spouse could receive, which in turn leads to disputes and increases the total cost of your divorce in terms of the lawyer’s time and paperwork. Here, too, settling these differences out of court before the trial helps considerably in solving your divorce case in good time. Getting a divorce in Maryland doesn’t have to be a painful and expensive process for Sris. We are ready to help answer all of your questions about divorce, separation, or maintenance in Maryland. We believe in safe, non-judgmental, respectful, and responsive handling of your divorce, if agreements are made by mutual consent, your family will grow stronger and your divorce will be easier.