Assault and battery charges in Loudoun Virginia

In Virginia assault and battery charges are serious crime, you can be directly charged with the crime of assault if someone reported or claims that you placed them in making fear of imminent bodily injury or you can say that, if you caused another person to be afraid of threatening to punch someone this act also count in an assault charge or even you can face misdemeanor criminal charges even without ever putting your hands on another person. Battery is the act of making physical contact with another person without his permission. This can include indirect contact, like hitting someone with a broom or throwing a lamp at someone and they don’t have any attention may cause battery criminal charge. Other conditions are

  • Tries to or does physically strike another person
  • Do some threatening manner to put another in fear of immediate harm
  • Causes injury through use of a deadly weapon and other type of objects that caused harm

The penalties and punishments for an assault and/or battery crimes can depending on the law of the state. Punishments have different range of fines which are depending on the severity of the offense and the offender’s criminal history. People who are first time-offenders may receive less punishment and leniency, while those who have an repeating criminal record or  instances of violent conduct may receive strick actions.In many laws, assaults and batteries can carry enhanced penalties for different classes of victims. For example, many countries create a more serious offense or increase the punishment for an assault or battery that is applied on a police officer or other type of public servant such as a paramedic, firefighter, teacher, etc. Similarly, laws may carry harsher penalties for assaults or batteries committed against family members or others living with the offender.

There are different categories of assault crimes in Loudoun County.

The general assault and battery rule,

  • specific elevated punishments for assault and battery committed against specific groups of persons and having specific fines

Assaulting a teacher or healthcare provider

  • who is working at the time of the incident these individuals pay a minimum penalty of 15 days incarceration.

Committing assault against someone because of his religion, race, color, or national origin

  • In this case criminal face with a minimum of six months of confinement, 30 days of which must be served as a mandatory minimum according to the laws.

Assaulting a public servant

  • In this case criminal face mandatory minimum penalty of six months to serve.

For a variety of reasons, your assault charge may not result in an assault punishments.  While officers and detectives make the arrest decision in most cases and determining what charges should be presented at trial.  A Virginia defense attorney who specializes in assault and battery cases can help you to overcome this situation and obtain discovery evidence, and understand your options in this case. Every case has its own unique set of facts and situations  With an experienced attorney in Northern Virginia, you can best prepare for this action.