Loudoun Virginia Protective Orders Laws

Loudon Virginia protective order laws are also known as restarting order laws. This order protects the people or a person who is facing the domestic violence or they are being abused by anyone. It will ensure that if the person will hurt any person such as the family member, friend or colleague the court will issue a serious order in case of a complaint by the victim. The order will be issued in a written form that will be signed by the judge. Furthermore, every request to stop violence or protective order is not valid, because sometimes it is just in the reaction to a heated or to damage the repute of any person. But if you are going through this situation then you have a right to defend yourself. Out attorney will provide you a proper support and guideline.

Different Types Of Protective Order:

There are 3 different types of protective orders in Loudon Virginia that are as follow.

  1. Emergency Protective Order:

This order is issued by the magistrate or the judge and the time period is lasts for 72 hours.

  1. Preliminary Protective Order:

This order is issued by the judge of the court and the time period in this order lasts for 15 days that can be extended.

  1. Permanent Protective Order:

In this order the time last for up to 2 years that can be further extended.

Reasons For Protective Orders:

There are different reasons for protective orders due to which it can be issued by the judge. These reasons are as follow.

  • Sexual assault
  • Physical violence
  • Threats or force of violence in which any person will hurt another person
  • A behavior of threats in which the person can die or may go through any disease due to the fear
  • It can be any type of crazy behavior that will injure any person externally or internally

In this type of situation the victim can complain in the court they after the proper investigation the court will issue the protective order in term of providing complete protection to the victim.

Collect Evidence By Yourself:

An emergency protective order is granted without getting the knowledge from your side or your presence on the court as well. But you must be complete some paperwork in terms of getting a permanent protective order for you, it will give you a date and time to come and present yourself to the court. If the person didn’t follow the Loudon Virginia protective order laws then the court will not provide you a protection against this type of situation. So, before starting the procedure you must need to hire a lawyer for your and speak to your lawyer and them to help you or guide you to collect evidence on your own behalf

Laws Of Protective Order:

Some important things are included in Loudon Virginia protective order laws that are as follow.

  • The abuser must need to full fill the requirements of the court if they will not do this the court will issue some serious charge against that person.
  • The victim should not present any fake evidence in the court
  • Both are not allowed to contact with each other during the period of the protective order.