Child neglect laws Loudoun Virginia

Child neglect is referred as a serious issue in most of the states. According to child neglect laws Loudoun Virginia. Child neglect is a form of abuse in which the parents, guardian, or the caregiver fails to give care that results in the physical, psychological, emotional, and educational harm to the child. There is a difference between active abuse and passive abuse. Active abuse is referred when someone mistreats a child or the caregiver hurts or molests the child. While neglect is basically passive abuse, for example, if parents leave their child at home without food for a prolonged period. The law enforcement units and officials collaborate with child welfare organization to ensure that child neglect laws Loudoun Virginia are strictly practiced by every individual of the state.

Effects of Child Neglect:

Child neglect is considered as the most common type of child mistreatment in Virginia. The surviving victims also experience many psychological issues. It is extremely important that the child should get the help they need to escape from such situations. There are different forms of neglect as stated in the child neglect laws Loudoun Virginia. The most common type of child neglect is:

  • Physical Neglect: It is the most common form of neglect. In this form, the caregiver fails to provide the basic needs of the child, which includes food, shelter, clothing, and the sanitary living conditions. A person can also be convicted of neglect if he or she abandons the child or fail to supervise the child properly for a particular period.
  • Educational Neglect: It occurs when the caregiver does not enroll the child for school or allows the child not to attend the school. It may take place in poor families, where they want their child to bring additional income rather than going to school.
  • Emotional Neglect: According to child neglect laws Loudoun Virginia, this form of neglect is a bit of a catchall category. It includes a wide variety of behavior like humiliation, insult, failure to give psychological care, lack of affection, ignoring the basic attention needs of the child and threatening him or her for serious punishments. Furthermore, allowing or encouraging the child to use drugs or isolating behavior is also included in psychological neglect.
  • Medical Neglect: This type of neglect occurs when the caregiver fails to provide the basic medical care to the child either by delaying or denying giving the opportunity for treatment.

The responsibility of a citizen:

If someone is a witness of neglect or is aware of any ongoing neglect than he or she should immediately report the neglect to their local child services authority, no matter what their profession is. If they do not report the neglect than they can also be found as guilty of a misdemeanor as he/she will violate the child neglect laws, Loudoun Virginia. It should be noted that if someone reports the neglect, they will not get into any legal trouble. This can help to bring positivity in the society. Reporting neglect can also help the surviving victim to escape from these type of negative situations.